On November 20th, members of Gastonia East Rotary Club served Thanksgiving lunch to local senior citizens in a drive-thru-style line at the Conference Center.

Making a Difference

The following story was shared by Rotarian Steve Ross.

Oftentimes, in our “service above self” mentality it can feel like we are providing services that the community may take for granted or is not very useful.

Saturday afternoon, after several hours of directing traffic and senior citizens through that free Thanksgiving lunch line, we were provided a stark reminder of why we serve. 

Near the end of the day, one of over 300 participants drove slowly as she was exiting the free lunch station. She stopped, cried for a moment, composed herself as best as she could, and said this. 

“I am so grateful for this food and I thank you and God for taking care of me.” 

Her gratitude was heartfelt and the meals were significant. You see, her car was old and in very bad shape. Inside, it was filled with clothing and everything else imaginable. Even the front passenger seat was filled with stuff.

Her 3 meals were sitting on top of the pile and her heart was sitting on her sleeve. We spoke briefly and told her that we were glad to help her get some food.

Her gratitude for a meal took me aback. It reminded me of why we do these things and how one small act of kindness can make a difference. 

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!